Days will never be ordinary with AeroMobil.

It’s morning. The day’s agenda is full of important meetings all around the world, with only 24h to cram them in. Thanks to the AeroMobil in the garage, time becomes relative and we have a completely new way of travelling long-distance. Don’t forget your keys, driver’s license, and pilot’s license... now let‘s start it up.

The world is small with AeroMobil.

A business meeting in Los Angeles has unfortunately run late, throwing your whole schedule out of sync; your next meeting in the Valley won’t be thrilled if you have to cancel. It’s a great business opportunity you really shouldn‘t miss... Luckily, though, there’s still a way to make the meeting: take to the skies. Departure time: immediately. After only two hours, the deal is sealed.

Time may be relative, but now you have more of it with AeroMobil.

Suddenly you get an alert on your smartphone: “Don’t forget, 15:00!!!” Due to work obligations, you’ve forgotten your son’s theatre performance. But don‘t panic; you know that you couldn’t have forgotten, it just looks that way. With AeroMobil there’s still time to make the performance - and even enough to grab a coffee before the flight.

Whenever, wherever with AeroMobil.

It’s a pleasant summer‘s day, and work has been successfully completed. The only thing left is to plan a perfect conclusion to it all. How about taking the wife for a romantic dinner at a restaurant you frequented years ago? That’s an amazing idea, but it’s over 350 miles away. Not to worry, you know a shortcut.

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