SIH | "AeroMobil has long ranked as one of the most well-known Slovak global brands and is also one of the most adept Slovak companies at acquiring technology patents. We welcome the opportunity to support this company in its further development and to attract private investment in this transaction.”  Ivan Lesay, CEO of SIH

Technology Partners

BRS | “It is a wonderful symbiosis of two innovative companies, both disruptive pioneers in their respective industries. By incorporating the most proven and critical safety device, BRS, into their revolutionary flying car design, AeroMobil highlights the culture of Safety First incorporated early in their design philosophies” – Boris Popov, Founder and Director at BRS Aerospace

c2i | “We at c2i are excited to support disruptive innovations like AeroMobil. c2i supplied advanced carbon-fibre components to the vehicle using technology and materials equivalent to those found in F1, hyper cars or in civil aviation. Our extensive experience in automotive and aerospace composites makes us best suited to provide the most appropriate technology for a given application” – Patrick Hessel, founder and CEO of c2i

Dassault Systémes | “Aeromobil and Dassault Systèmes share the same passion for sustainable innovation. We are delighted that our 3DEXPERIENCE Solution Experiences, with its CATIA and ENOVIA roles and applications, power the ambition of AeroMobil to revolutionize the mobility of the future.” – Philippe Laufer, Dassault Systèmes, CATIA CEO

HORIBA MIRA | “HORIBA MIRA has relished the opportunity to consult on such an innovative product and has been able to help influence the design in the key attribute areas of Acoustics, Refinement and Passive Safety. The expert knowledge of the HORIBA MIRA engineers has been utilised to ensure that customer expectations are met with a vehicle posing new engineering challenges.“

Prodrive | “Prodrive has been an enthusiastic supporter of the AeroMobil project which opens up a complete new dimension to the automobile world and flying. We’re currently advising the AeroMobil team on various powertrain options and their installation.” – David Richards CBE, Chairman

Randle Engineering | “We were responsible for suspension systems, brakes, steering, wheels and tyres. There are other areas of the vehicle we have helped with, particularly the driver environment where we’ve made contributions and we’ll continue to do so. A fascinating challenge and a small team of good people.” – Steven Randle, Managing Director

Torino Design | “The concept of a flying car has fascinated poets and philosophers even before engineers and designers were involved. That was one of the reasons for us to participate in such a great venture. It is like seeing a dream come true. We are extremely proud of all the work and support provided to AeroMobil to achieve this ambitious target, sharing competence and enthusiasm.” – Roberto Piatti, CEO and Founder

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Investments and Informatisation 
“AeroMobil is a unique project that helps position Slovak Republic as one of the most innovative countries in the region. Not only does it inspire and support innovation, it also helps to attract diverse talent from all around Europe. It’s a very good example of how new industrial companies could be built.”

Ministry of education, science research and sport of the Slovak Republic 
“We supported AeroMobil R&D, by providing incentives for research and development. Ongoing applied research and experimental development in the years 2015 - 2017 brought great possibilities of new theoretical and technically applicable knowledge, innovation in construction, use of new materials, in technical, technological and operational solutions that will be transformed into building of a functional model of the AeroMobil, which will be the main output of the R&D projects. An important aspect of these projects is also an excellent and broad international cooperation.”

AeroMobil is actively cooperating with authorities

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